• Motorcycle Breaks in Half at the Indy Mile Flat Track

    January 01, 2015

    After Nichole Cheza's bike slips out from under her, Chase Sconyers has no where to go and collides with Cheza's wrecked spinning motorcycle, sending Chase flying over his handlebars. This is extremely dramatic and all riders are lucky to have recovered with no permanent injuries.

  • Colton Haaker Endos Hard in Las Vegas

    January 01, 2015

    You can always expect a few crashes when you watch an EnduroCross race, and this is no exception. Colton Haaker charges over a log section when the rear tire bucks him a little too far forward and over his handlebars he goes!

  • Holeshot Crash at the Ontario EnduroCross

    January 01, 2015

    'Wild' Wally Palmer grabs the holeshot at an EnduroCross event, but gets too much bounce off the first log, launching him off his dirt bike where Geoff Aaron tries his best to avoid running him over. Wally suffered from a concussion and a dislocated jaw but made a quick recovery and finished the race season.

  • Motocross Crash Compilation

    January 01, 2015

    There's nothing like the Great Outdoors! A little different from Supercross, Motocross takes the racers out of the stadiums and into the elements all across the country. The tracks also have big variations from one to the other and can catch some of the best riders off guard!

  • Flat Track riders get tangled up

    January 01, 2015

    In Springfield, during a 2012 AMA Pro Flat Track Series Heat Race, Jared Mees and Mikey Martin battle for position, when Martin was pushed into a corner. The result collected PJ Jacobsen, who ended up getting the worst of the carnage!

  • Off Road Motorcycles and Truck Crash Compilation

    January 01, 2015

    Check out all the mayhem from both 2-wheel and 4-wheel vehicles on the dirt, where nothing is predictable and anything is possible. The EnduroCross Series showcases some very talented dirt bike riders and for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, there are no better drivers around, but everyone gets in a little trouble from time to time.

  • Dirt Bike Crushes Dirt Biker in EnduroCross

    January 01, 2015

    At an EnduroCross race in Boise, Idaho, Cody Webb doubles a water section and lands on Justin Soule as they both go down in the water, only to get right back up and continue to race. These are some of the gnarliest and most talented riders around and it takes a lot to keep them from racing.

  • Taddy Blazusiak is Nearly Ran Over

    January 01, 2015

    Taddy Blazusiak doesn't start off his heat race as planned and must fight to move up in position. Taddy goes wide off the track in the second turn and when entering back, gets hung up, laying him out right in front of Colton Haaker, who swerves in order to dodge the EnduroCross Champion!

  • Taylor Robert Whiskey Throttles Into Rocks

    January 01, 2015

    During the main event of the 2012 Ontario EnduroCross race, Taylor Robert lands off his bike and does not let go of the throttle, sending him flying into the next obstacle!

  • Motorcycle Crash Compilation

    January 01, 2015

    From Flat Trackers to Road Racers, Motorcycle Racing requires the most fearless and daring of Competitors! Here's a few examples of how they push the limits and try to avoid the most serious of consequences.

  • EnduroCross Rider Scorpioned in Las Vegas

    January 01, 2015

    Geoff Walker was keeping pace during his heat race, at the EnduroCross 2012 opening round in Las Vegas, when he doubled a log section and came up short. Geoff went face first into the dirt and his motorcycle followed to pin him to the ground. Thankfully, Geoff was able to get up and walk away.

  • Geoff Aaron Nose Wheelies Off the EnduroCross Track

    January 01, 2015

    During the 2013 EnduroCross Round in Sacramento, California, Geoff Aaron gets the Holeshot in the LCQ Race, but unfortunately, catches a log sending him in a direction that he didn't expect. He was still able to finish the race, but just one spot out of a Qualifying position.

  • 4 Riders Crash at the Springfield Mile

    January 01, 2015

    Sammy Halbert, Nichole Cheza, Brandon Robinson and Robbie Pearson are all pushed high into the air fence at the historic Springfield Mile. Thankfully, no riders were seriously injured and all riders were able to compete in the remaining 2012 Flat Track season.

  • Wildest Wrecks

    June 04, 2013

    Some of the craziest moments from various race events are featured for the 'Lucas Oil Wildest Wrecks' Presented by GEICO.

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