• Brad Parrack Snaps His Boat in two

    January 01, 2015

    During the first stop of the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series in Wheatland, Missouri, Brad Parrack makes a pass for one of the last races of the day, when a malfunction makes the boat hop and dive into the water with crazy force! This is a unique crash that Brad was lucky to walk away from!

  • Randy Benson Hits the Water Hard

    January 01, 2015

    At the Firebird Raceway Round of the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series, Randy Benson in the 'Texas Bounty Hunter H2O' Pro Modified completes his pass against Gary Bauer with a near perfect pass, but runs into a bad situation during his shutdown! Randy was back at the track the next day, but unfortunately, was unable to race his boat.

  • Sprint Boat Crash Compilation

    January 01, 2015

    Port Angeles, Washington, is where some of the crazy high-speed G-force Sprint Boat adrenaline-junkies gather to master a much more insane course. These boats go fast and turn hard, but when the navigator and pilot aren't in sync, accidents happen.

  • Big Splash After Boat Explodes Into Pieces

    January 01, 2015

    Top Alcohol Flat pilot Lloyd Bell starts a normal pass at Firebird International Raceway when his boat doesn't set. After a few hops, trying to get under control, he is sent into a barrel roll and crashes at the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series 'IHBA' World Finals. After the crash Lloyd was ok and continued racing for many years.

  • Drag Boat Crash Compilation

    January 01, 2015

    Drag racing on water is a completely different animal than dragsters on asphalt. The pilots in the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series go fast and wreck hard. Here are a few vicious crashes from past Seasons.

  • Quickest Boat In the World Wrecks at the World Finals

    January 01, 2015

    The Drag Boat World Finals at Firebird International Raceway in Chandler, Arizona, pilot Daryl Ehrlich might have gotten a bit too much out of his 'Problem Child' Top Fuel Hydro. Daryl made a promising pass that went disastrous when his propeller failed.

  • Boat Crash in Lake Havasu

    January 01, 2015

    Lee Warren was Qualifying in his Pro Modified Lucas Oil Drag Boat at an Event in Lake Havasu, when his pass took a turn for the worst!

  • Wildest Wrecks

    June 04, 2013

    Some of the craziest moments from various race events are featured for the 'Lucas Oil Wildest Wrecks' Presented by GEICO.

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