• 1. Daytona Turkey Run

    April 01, 2016

    S15E1- This week Willie heads to Daytona International Speedway for the 42nd Annual Daytona Turkey Run.

  • 2. Chevelle: Transmission Conversion - Part 1

    April 08, 2016

    S15E2 - This week Willie and Kevin start their Chevy Chevelle build and install the Engine and Transmission.

  • 3. Chevelle: New Interior - Part 2

    April 15, 2016

    S15E3 - This week Willie and Kevin continue their Chevy Chevelle build with interior and dash work and bring viewers up to date on their Oldsmobile 442 project.

  • 4. On and Off-road Jeep

    April 22, 2016

    S15E4 - This week Willie and Kevin modify a Stock Jeep for Off-Road use with a Lift Kit and New Suspension.

  • 5. Duramax Diesel: Common Problems

    April 29, 2016

    S15E5 - This week Willie and Kevin change the Fuel Filter system and Universal Joints on a 2011 Chevy pickup with over 170,000 miles on it, to help keep it running like new!

  • 6. Meaner Mustang

    May 06, 2016

    S15E6 - This week Willie and Kevin install a Supercharger and Intercooler onto a 2002 Mustang.

  • 7. A Tale of Two Trucks

    June 24, 2016

    S15E7 - This week Willie and Kevin tackle a set of Trucks when they replace the Cam Phaser and Brakes on a 2004 Ford F-150 and then install a Lowering Kit on a 1973 Chevrolet Step-Side Pickup.

  • 8. EcoBoost Mustang

    July 01, 2016

    S15E8 - This week Willie and Kevin install an Intercooler and Cold Air Intake system on an Ecoboost Mustang and continue working on their 1973 Chevrolet Step-Side Pickup by installing new doors and body panels.

  • 9. Tipsy Track Car

    July 08, 2016

    S15E9 - This week Willie and Kevin install a New Suspension Kit on a '69 Camaro.

  • 10. A Pair of Pickups

    October 07, 2016

    S15E10 - This week Willie and Kevin assemble the bed of a Chevy truck, replace a hub on a Ford F-350 Super Duty work truck, and show us how to load a motorcycle onto a Kendon stand-up trailer.

  • 11. Sweepstakes Jeep

    October 14, 2016

    S15E11 - This week Willie and Kevin install a new engine, new brakes, a three-inch suspension lift, wheels, tires, exhaust, and battery all on one lucky Jeep.

  • 12. Make Some Noise

    October 21, 2016

    S15E12 - This week Willie and Kevin get a hold of a Dodge Challenger and quickly transform it with a new suspension and exhaust system.

  • 13. Vintage M37 Engine Swap

    October 28, 2016

    S15E13 - This week Willie and Kevin take on a special project as they replace the engine on a M37 Military Jeep. Season 15 Finale.

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